Katie Tupper Announces Debut EP 'Towards the End'

The Saskatoon artist has released a video for "How Can I Get Your Love" off the forthcoming record

BY Haley BenthamPublished Nov 22, 2021

Neo-soul musician Katie Tupper has announced her upcoming EP Towards the End — arriving in 2022 via Arts & Crafts — and she kicks off the news with the release of the single and video "How Can I Get Your Love."

So much more than grain silos and grassland, Tupper ushers us into memories of childhood in Saskatoon, painting a golden vision of a precious time long gone across the single.

"It's an ode to my upbringing in Saskatchewan," she shared in a press release. "For the song that is yearning for hometown normalcy I wanted the video to show exactly what summers looked like for me and what my nostalgia looks like."

Endless blue skies and plains envelop Tupper and two dancers as they twirl serenely and mirror one another's gentle movements across the track's visual accompaniment. The utopian scenes — directed by Mashie Alam — are punctuated by shots of Tupper singing, recumbent on a bed of tall grass. Delicate piano and jazzy drums accompany the musician's smokey vocals, lulling listeners into a tranquil state.

Tupper goes classic R&B with song, bringing Jill Scott, India Arie and Carole King to mind. Whether you have lived in the prairies or even visited is immaterial for Tupper's purposes — she taps into the universality of bittersweet remembrance of childhood, of simpler times.

Towards the End will blend alternative R&B, indie and neo-soul, and if the EP is as promising as "How Can I Get Your Love" and the previously released "Live Inside," it's worth the wait. So far, the record has no official release date, but it's expected to arrive sometime early next year. 

Check out the video for "How Can I Get Your Love" below, where you'll also find the record's tracklisting. 

Towards the End:

1. Live Inside
2. Danny
3. How Can I Get Your Love?
4. Cost Of Loving You
5. Misbehavin'

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