k-os's Rhymes Pair Expertly with Kaytranada's Beats on 'Boshido' EP

k-os's Rhymes Pair Expertly with Kaytranada's Beats on 'Boshido' EP
"Freestyles over Kaytranada beats."

They're simple opening lyrics but they accurately sum up the contents of the latest drop from k-os. Without fanfare, or even much notice, the Canadian hip-hop staple has teamed up with celebrated producer and beatmaker Kaytranada and dropped Boshido, a five-track EP that deftly showcases the range and reach these two artists command.

Still rolling off the release of his late-2019 drop BUBBA, Kaytranada's production on Boshido is as varied and electric as k-os is effortless in his transitions from freestyling to singing. While k-os's last release was 2015's Can't Fly Without Gravity, Boshido proves that the gap has strengthened, rather than stifled, his lyrical brilliance.

Brash opening track "Free Style," with rhymes like "I'm an emcee to the core, and this is war, so what you showing up for," shows k-os's raps are tight as ever. The most striking song on the EP though, is "On My Kanye," with a heavy, stuttering beat and double time hi-hat, and samples of some of Kanye's most iconic interview clips.

Boshido just goes to show that k-os and Kaytranada can still throw down on their own, hype be damned. (Independent)