Justin Timberlake Just Shouted Out Nardwuar on 'Hot Ones'

BY Josiah HughesPublished Apr 9, 2020

Whether you know him as the world's greatest hip-hop journalist or the king of the Vancouver underground, there's truly no one on earth quite like Nardwuar the Human Serviette. As such, it filled us with national pride to hear his name come up on a brand new episode of the spicy YouTube series Hot Ones.

This edition of the wildly popular show featured Justin Timberlake as its hot-sauce test subject, and he spent much of the interview discussing his music career with host Sean Evans throughout the interview.

At one point, Evans dropped some heady knowledge of Timberlake's work with Timbaland, referencing the fact that Timberlake created the beat to Beyoncé's "Partition" by beating on a bucket in the studio. 

Impressed with the tidbit, Timberlake exclaimed, "That was some Nardwuar shit!"

In reality, the factoid is easily available on the song's Wikipedia page while Nard would have likely talked to Beyoncé's second cousin about her favourite kind of bucket. But it's still great to hear Nardwuar's name shouted out on such a large platform.

Watch Justin Timberlake's episode of Hot Ones below. The Nardwuar shout-out happens around the 14:18 mark.

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