Just Blaze "Miracle" / "Molsekin Conclusion"

Just Blaze 'Miracle' / 'Molsekin Conclusion'
Legendary hip-hop producer Just Blaze has been flirting with EDM sounds of late, but he's recently let loose two new rap instrumentals that never ended up finding a home.

"Miracle" is a soulful track build on sweeping pianos, busy drum work and inspirational synth sounds. According to the producer, he's had Jay Z, Jeezy, Rick Ross, Chris Brown and J Cole asking for the beat, but it was held up when he didn't get paid. "Then it ended up just sitting, and I was weird about playing it for folks," he wrote. "Everyone who heard it thought it was amazing but couldn't come up with a song to it lol. Understandable though. There's a LOT going on."

"Moleskin Conclusion" is an an irresistibly smooth hip-hop track oozing with suave sex appeal thanks to its strings, flutes, piano, bass and crackling drums.

Listen to both songs below [via 2dopeboyz]. Though you might be tempted to spit some bars on them, he said he wants you to "be respectful and rap good."