Josh Klinghoffer Joins Jane's Addiction Lineup for Upcoming Shows

Dave Navarro continues to sit out due to long COVID

Photo via Pluralone on Facebook

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jan 27, 2023

Dave Navarro's struggle with long COVID has kept the guitarist out of Jane's Addiction's recent run of reunion shows. Now, the band have announced that Navarro will continue to sit out the band's upcoming tour legs, with former Red Hot Chili Peppers six-stringer Josh Klinghoffer taking his place.

In a statement posted on social media, the band announced that Klinghoffer will join the lineup for the band's upcoming shows in the US and South America, as well as yet-to-be-announced international dates.

The band noted that they "are in a great place, writing new music, and the bond is tighter than ever." They said that Navarro will return "when he feels healthy and ready." He has been dealing with long COVID since December 2021.

The band's statement reads:

We'd like to address the questions surrounding Dave and the upcoming Jane's shows. As a band we are in a great place, writing new music, and the bond is tighter than ever. We all hope Dave can be out playing with us; when he feels healthy and ready.

For the near future, our brother Josh Klinghoffer will jump in for the upcoming shows on the West Coast, South America and some additional international shows to be announced soon. We want to thank you for being there with us over these thirty some odd years. You know, we're going to keep throwing down for you.

Perry, Eric & Stephen

Jane's Addiction had already speculated that Klinghoffer would contribute to their upcoming new material, along with Navarro's other replacements: Bauhaus's Daniel Ash and Queens of the Stone Age's Troy Van Leeuwen.

This is just the latest career overlap between Klinghoffer and Navarro, as both of them are former members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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