Jon Hopkins "Collider" (video)

Jon Hopkins 'Collider' (video)
Jon Hopkins's Immunity got the thumbs up from Exclaim! this year, coming in at No. 2 on our Top 10 Dance & Electronic Albums list. Now, a positively breathtaking video for its "Collider" has been let loose to rep the stunning set even further.

Directed by Tom Haines, it finds a young woman's spiralling out as she roams through a dance music-driven hallucination. Though it looks as if she may be losing control in the club, a back-and-forth narrative trick shows us that she may in fact be losing control of her life while drinking and dancing in an abandoned lot. By the time she's seen convulsing on the concrete, the clip becomes liberating, heart-aching, transcendent and terrifying all at the same time.

"We wanted to create an internal journey, which was unflinching, singular and claustrophobic and at the same time liberating," Haines said in a statement. "The video is like a voodoo ceremony, where the lead character dances herself into frenzy, and through the dance gains access to a parallel dimension; it's her unfurling thoughts, her dislocated mind, and hints at something more apocalyptic — an end game for her and us."

A new self-explanatory set dubbed Collider – Remixes featuring reworks from Pangaea, Karenn and Objekt is due out digitally and on 12-inch vinyl February 25, while an extended edition of Immunity packed with other remixes will go up exclusively through iTunes on December 9. You can see the extended version's tracklist below.

Immunity (Extended Edition):

1. We Disappear

2. Open Eye Signal

3. Breathe This Air

4. Collider

5. Abandon Window

6. Form By Firelight

7. Sun Harmonics

8. Immunity

9. Open Eye Signal (Happa remix)

10. Open Eye Signal (Lord Of The Isles remix)

11. Open Eye Signal (Luke Abbott remix)

12. Open Eye Signal (Nosaj Thing remix)

13. Breathe This Air [ft. Purity Ring]

14. Collider (Pangaea Remix)