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> > May 31 2013

Jon Hopkins - Immunity
By Dustin MorrisFrom the opening moment we hear the door unlock to Jon Hopkins' East London studio, a penetrating kick drum enters, marking the start of a striking evolution in his sound. For his fourth solo album, the UK-based prodigy brings forward his accomplished compositional past into an environment that heavily favours the dance floor. The result is both heartfelt and dynamic, which is in part a conscious effort by Hopkins to incorporate a number of human elements into the record. Everyday items are sampled in a bid to create more organic-sounding rhythmic pillars. The approach is rarely heard in a comparable context, where similar genres have been falling victim to audible conformity. This is only half of the reason Immunity stands proudly on its own, though. Hopkins continues to play to his strengths, injecting a calculated balance of soul-warming themes between the coarse, riveting beats. These fleeting interludes establish an emotional presence that few artists are able to achieve at the same level; it's the affirmation of his exceptional vision. At just an hour in length, Immunity savours every moment, pulling on your heartstrings, lifting you off your feet and inviting you right back for more.
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Excellent review! So far my favorite electronic album of 2013. It's quite impressive.
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