Exclaim!'s Best of 2013:

Top 10 Dance & Electronic Albums

> Dec 03 2013

2. Jon Hopkins

Immunity begins like one of Jon Hopkins' live sets.

Rather than kicking off full-throttle by pushing a button, he begins with a single sound, and in front of your very eyes, turns it into a stuttering rhythm track. From there, he teases out a melody from blips and bloops. A subtly humming bassline becomes a throb. Suddenly, one is immersed entirely.

Hopkins' knack for songwriting borders on sleight of hand, as demonstrated throughout Immunity. The bass-squelching shimmy of "Open Eye Signal" begins as a muted, aqueous bump; "Breathe This Air" is a plaintive piano piece until stuttering house rhythms pull it gently to the dance floor; centrepiece "Collider" finds Hopkins stacking rhythmic blocks atop one another until the towering track is swaying wildly, threatening to collapse.

A fine balance of subgenre, mood and sound — is this downtempo, IDM, techno, house, or all of them at once? — achieved by Hopkins' delicate touch, makes Immunity impossible to categorize. He never overdoes things here, ensuring to temper moments of club-ready bombast with airy interludes like "Abandon Window" and the self-titled album closer, whose twinkling piano and quiet, clattering percussion bring a sense of resolution to the grandiose album.

On his fourth solo LP, Hopkins proves that electronic music needn't be an experiment in genre, rhythm or sound to be cerebral, nor mindless fun to be danceable. Immunity easily manages to be both. (Stephen Carlick)
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"Psychic" by Darkside was absolutely robbed!
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I Wouldnt Take This List Serious At All Because The Writers Behind Exclaim Dont Even Know What Electronci Music Is

Macaraoni Ketchup Cakers Who Were Urban Pre Summer Of 2006 & Who Started Doing Imiatation Electronic After 2006 Aint Electronic

Neither Are House Acts Or Emo Indie Kids This Liost Is Horrible All MAc & Ketchup Cakers
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Bonobo, Fuck Buttons, and Daft Punk though are defiinitely some of the best albums I've heard this year
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And oneohtrix point never deserves its rank too!
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There should be an X-Files episode about HighaLevel.
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Why @Mitch Pillegi? Because I Say The Truth That Is Out There?

Everything I Said IS Facts Macaroni & Ketchup Cakers Like A Tribe Called Red & Ryan Hemsworth Or The Others Who Were Emos & Pretending To Be Hip Hop/Black Pre Summer Of 2006 After Put Your HAnds Up For Detroit Cant Talk On Electronic Music & Are Not Electronic Music
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I strongly disagree that A Tribe Called Red are trying to be black. You need to think more about that.
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Thats Facts A Tribe Called Red Are Mac & Ketchup Cakesr Who Were Doing Urban (Which Is Imitation Hip Hop/Black Music) But No One Believed Them (Not Even Vanilla Ice) Because THey HAd No Talent

Then After The Summer Of 2006 & Put Your HAnds Up For Detroit They Started Thinking They Were White & Electronic Thats Facts Pre 2006 They Dont Even Know Electronic Because They Aint Electronic

They Are Mac & Ketchup Caker Frauds Who Are Bagboys For Colonizers That Are Frauds They Are Gimmicks They Have Nothing To Do With Electronic Or Hip Hop & Just Started Doing Electronic In 2010 Meaning 4 Years After Put Your Hands Up For Detroit

Msuically They Donyt KNow Who They Are They Are Frauds & Thieves Who Follow Trends They Are Gimmicks That Are Bagboys For Colonizers They Cant Talk On Any Music Not Even Aboriginal Music They Are Mac & Ketchup Cakers
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