Johnny de Courcy Announces 'Alien Lake' LP, Premieres First Single

Johnny de Courcy Announces 'Alien Lake' LP, Premieres First Single
From his former work with Black Wizard to that time he gave birth to himself on tour, Vancouver rock'n'roll savant Johnny de Courcy has always offered plenty of reasons to pay attention. The best of those is the fact that he's such a talented songwriter, which is why we're more than a little excited that he's prepared another full-length platter.

The album is called Alien Lake, and sees de Courcy blasting through 10 new tracks. A follow-up to 2012's Johnny de Courcy and the Death Rangers, the release evolves de Courcy's sound by simplifying it.

Speaking to Exclaim!, the artist described the music as "emotional freak-rock," adding that "each song represents one of my multiple personalities."

Though it's billed as a solo record, the album used minimal overdubs ("vocals, percussion and one ripping guitar solo" were the only things added afterward, he says), instead seeing de Courcy record live off the floor with his backing band, composed of drummer Phi Van, guitarist Michael Kraushaar and guitarist Mat Vass.

"It is a group of songs that are alienated from each other stylistically but glued together by the fact that they were conceived by the same mind, recorded over eight days at the same place, by the same people, on the same board," de Courcy says.

That board was located at Alien Lake Studios in Kelowna, BC.

Alien Lake is set to arrive in November via Neptoon Records. The album's lead single, "I Can't Be That Man," can be streamed below, and you can see the cover art — featuring a photo by Kane Hopkins — above.

In addition, de Courcy will embark on an eastward trek to perform at Pop Montreal. All of the artist's scheduled tour dates are available below.

Alien Lake:

1. I Can't Be That Man
2. Southern Plain
3. Turkish Freakout!
4. Jeff
5. Lady in Red
6. Amélie
7. Steely Down
8. Wind Chimes
9. Alien Lake
10. 1000 People

Tour dates:

09/20 Montreal, QC - TRH Bar (POP Montreal )
09/24 Montreal, QC - Brasserie Beaubien
09/28 Toronto, ON - The Smiling Buddha
09/24 Montreal, QC - L'esco