Johnny de Courcy "Alien Lake" / "Wind Chimes" (video)

Johnny de Courcy 'Alien Lake' / 'Wind Chimes' (video)
Johnny de Courcy's new Alien Lake LP was self-described by the Vancouver rocker as reflecting his "multiple personalities," but a pair of tracks premiered in a two-part cinematic epic reflecting on everlasting love seem to string together quite nicely.

Reteaming with "Cherry Lane" director Owen Ellis, the first chapter, supporting melancholic piano instrumental "Alien Lake," features faded footage of a doe-eyed de Courcy and his sweetheart strolling through alleyways and swinging on swings together.

The second half bumps up the film quality, with the hi-def vid focusing on a group of scientists reviving the corpse of de Courcy. It's never quite explained how he got to this state, but a few thousand volts eventually have him shooting off a table to sing doomed love song "Wind Chimes," a crunchy, full-band variation of "Alien Lake."

His likewise zombified lover is later wheeled into the operating room, with the relationship temporarily being resuscitated for a dinner date. You'll discover how that all went by giving both videos a viewing down below.

Of the theme, Ellis explained in a statement:

I thought about how 'Cherry Lane' was about birth, I thought about death, I thought about rebirth, I thought about Frankenstein, I thought about the "putting on the ritz" scene in Young Frankenstein, I thought about relationships, relationships being born/dying, then everything basically fell into place. I met up with Johnny one night in a playground, told him the entire video moment by moment. He was like "fuck yeah let's do it."

Alien Lake lands November 22 through Neptoon Records.