Joel Plaskett's Music Career Explored in New Book

Joel Plaskett's Music Career Explored in New Book
East Coast songwriter Joel Plaskett's long and illustrious career in the Canadian music biz is set to be examined in an upcoming biography. Covering Plaskett's teenaged alt-rock days through to his present-day activities as a solo artist, author and former Exclaim! contributor Josh O'Kane's Nowhere with You: The East Coast Anthems of Joel Plaskett, The Emergency and Thrush Hermit hits book shelves April 1 via ECW Press.

An Amazon listing notes that the 220-page tome acts as a career overview, starting with Plaskett's time with Thrush Hermit, who are described in the press release as "scrappy Superchunk mimics who became hard-rock revivalists and one of the last survivors of the '90s pop 'explosion' of major-label interest in Halifax."

The book will apparently take a look at the deservedly hyped Halifax scene of the early '90s, which had the city touted as "the new Seattle." Nowhere with You will also weigh in on a music career that has balanced major label signings and Plaskett's critical acclaim with "playing to empty rooms in Oklahoma."

In addition, the tome will examine Plaskett's post-Thrush Hermit time with his band the Emergency, as well as his strictly solo work. On another level, the book will apparently take a more personal look at the songwriter's life in Nova Scotia.

In case you didn't catch the reference, the book takes its name from Plaskett's Make a Little Noise number, "Nowhere with You."

In related news, Plaskett recently announced that he and a couple of business partners will be opening a unique, multipurpose establishment in Dartmouth, NS, called the New Scotland Yard Emporium. The space, which officially opens October 10, includes a coffee shop, a record store, haircutting services and more. You'll find out more about the Emporium over here.