The Jesus and Mary Chain Promise New LP: "There Will Be an Album"

The Jesus and Mary Chain Promise New LP: 'There Will Be an Album'
This year, the Jesus and Mary Chain are touring for the 30th anniversary of their iconic album Psychocandy. It seems that they won't be content with the nostalgia circuit alone, however, since they've hinted at plans for a new album.

Of course, this isn't the first time the band have made similar claims, since Reid brothers Jim and William made promises about a new album way back in 2007 and in 2011 Jim Reid said, "It might happen, it might not." But it seems like this time, the Reids are on the same page.

"We've got the material, we've talked about doing an album for so long now," Jim Reid told NME in a new interview. "We got back together in 2007, and it was the plan then. We thought, 'We've got a bunch of songs, this would make a pretty good Mary Chain album' — and then there was the usual slaps and scratches between my brother and myself. 'I wanna do it here' and 'I don't' and then it was all 'Fuck you' and swinging at each other. The usual shit basically."

Regarding past efforts to put this album together, Jim said, "We couldn't agree how to approach the songs. At the time when the band got back together my kids were very young and William lives in L.A. and wanted to record out there, and I didn't want to go and spend months away from my family. But my kids are a bit older now and I'm kind of in the middle of a divorce, so it seems like a good time to get the hell out of town."

He optimistically added, "We are kind of coming round to being in agreement, which is a bit weird for us. There will be an album — we will get it together. I'm more convinced now than I ever have been that there will be a new Mary Chain album."

Assuming that these plans come together as promised, this will be the iconic band's first new album since 1998's Munki.

See the band's North America tour dates, during which they will perform Psychocandy in full, right here.