Jens Lekman "Postcard #5"

Jens Lekman 'Postcard #5'
Swedish pop songsmith Jens Lekman is in the midst of his extremely ambitious Postcards series — and the fifth instalment is now available for your listening pleasure.
"Postcard #5" spices things up a bit by showcasing the banjo picking of Elin Piel. The Southern-sounding accompaniment backs Lekman's stories of life on the road.
He sings as a musician hoping to hit it big on tour — from humble beginnings playing living rooms and local libraries, to crossing the fine country of Sweden. While he may be "dreaming of a little tour," the track wasn't delivered with any actual plans to head out on tour.
For now, fans can content themselves with the latest tune in the series. Give "Postcard #5" a listen below. If you scroll past the latest instalment, you can listen back through the entire series.