Imogen Heap Announces 'Sparks' Album, Unveils Massive Box Set

Imogen Heap Announces 'Sparks' Album, Unveils Massive Box Set
In early 2011, Imogen Heap asked her fans to help her write her next album. Now, more than two years later, she's finally ready to release it. Sparks will be out on March 3.

Before the album arrives, Heap has one more crowd-sourced trick up her sleeve. The album currently doesn't have cover artwork, but anyone who buys one of 2,500 limited edition box sets from her website will have his or her footprint incorporated into the cover image.

The set costs $299.99 and comes with: 14 discs, including the CD album, a DVD with a making-of documentary, and 12 data DVDs containing hi-fi audio files plus making-of documentaries for each song; a double 10-inch vinyl version of the album; a deck of playing cards that come with "exclusive additional content on one side and an interactive element on the other"; and a 120-page coffee table book about the making of this massively collaborative album.

Those who order the box set will get it on or around February 24, prior to the in-store release date. Buyers will also gain admission to one of Heap's sound checks on her 2014 tour. An image of the box set (which is currently sans-artwork) is above.

For additional details, scroll past the tracklist below to watch Heap's extremely chirpy video about the box set. Heap added on Twitter that the CD will also be available in a standard jewel case version and a double-disc version with instrumental tracks.

The box sets are available to order here.


1. You Know Where to Find Me

2. Entanglement

3. The Listening Chair

4. Cycle Song

5. Telemiscommunications

6. Lifeline
7. Neglected Space

8. Minds Without Fear

9. Me the Machine

10. Run-Time

11. Climb to Sakteng

12. The Beast

13. Xizi She Knows

14. Propeller Seeds