Ice-T Sets Release Date for "Brutal" New Body Count Album

Ice-T Sets Release Date for 'Brutal' New Body Count Album
In addition to next month's vinyl repress of Body Count's self-titled debut, vocalist Ice-T has confirmed that his metal project's new album Manslaughter is set to have fans banging their heads soon.

While the long-in-the-works LP had been teased with a 2014 due date, a recent interview with the rap icon had him confirming that Sumerian Records should have the album in stores June 10.

"People have been asking me to do some music, and I haven't really been inspired to do hip-hop for a while, 'cause hip-hop kind of got really pop to me," Ice-T told The Flama. "But my band always wants to play, so we decided to do an album. We got signed to Sumerian Records. We finished the album. It's called Manslaughter. We shot the video. We did the album cover. It'll be out June 10. And it's brutal. It's brutal."

The aforementioned cover art has not yet been revealed, nor has a tracklisting. It's also unclear just which track from the album received the video treatment. Expect more "brutal" details at a later date.

Manslaughter is Body Count's first full-length offering since 2006's Murder 4 Hire.

As for the Body Count repress, it arrives June 3 through Warner Bros./Rhino. The reissue is for the altered version of the LP, meaning it does not include the band's controversy-stirring, anti-police brutality track "Cop Killer."