Hum Prep Reissues of 'You'd Prefer an Astronaut' and 'Electra 2000'

They're also doing a new pressing of 'Downward Is Heavenward'
Hum Prep Reissues of 'You'd Prefer an Astronaut' and 'Electra 2000'
After Hum surprise-released their first new album in decades, Inlet, last summer, they've now returned with plans for two reissues of their classic '90s albums: You'd Prefer an Astronaut and Electra 2000.

Both records will be remastered and sold in vinyl format (and possibly later on CD) through Earth Analog Records' online store. The band have also shared plans to produce new pressings of 1998's beloved Downward Is Heavenward. They've yet to give a firm date for the records' release dates, but urged fans to avoid paying too much at secondary markets. 

Guitarist Tim Lash announced the reissues via the band's social channels this week:

Hi all,

First off, the band sincerely appreciates all of the generous support and kind words we've received after releasing
Inlet. We're not the best at responding, but it means a lot. So thanks again, from all of us!

Over the last few months, we've successfully navigated through some licensing stuff allowing us to re-release updated versions of
Electra 2000, and You'd Prefer An Astronaut on vinyl. Our plan involves re-mastering and cutting higher quality pressings of these two records. Our hope is to do CD's as well if possible. We'll post another update once we iron out all of the details on release dates, label, etc... Since we've seen some inflated prices on the secondary market for our older records, we wanted to let people know as soon as possible. If folks don't mind waiting a little longer, we'll be able to produce a higher quality pressing that we have control over, and are proud of. We'll also have more copies of our Downward is Heavenward re-issue available in the near future as well.

We hope you all are healthy and well, and 2021 turns out to be a little easier for everyone. Take care.