Hum to Treat 'Downward Is Heavenward' to Vinyl Reissue

Hum to Treat 'Downward Is Heavenward' to Vinyl Reissue
Shoegaze-leaning Illinois outfit Hum called it quits well over a decade ago, but the members haven't entirely distanced themselves from the project. They have continued to reunite for shows over the years, and soon they will be reissuing their swan song, 1997's Downward Is Heavenward.

Details surrounding the reissue are still up in the air, but a blog post from Earth Analog Records [via Modern Vinyl] confirms that a vinyl reissue will arrive this summer.

Discogs notes that there hasn't been a vinyl pressing since 1998, though finding a copy online seems pretty much impossible.

Similarly, the albums Fillet Show (1991) and Electra 2000 (1993) haven't received a proper release since the '90s, although 1995's You'd Prefer an Astronaut was reissued on vinyl just last year. A post on the Hum's fan-run website notes the the reissue of You'd Prefer an Astronaut wasn't approved the group, prompting them to team up with Earth Analog to release some original vinyl copies that they had in storage.

Stay tuned for further details regarding the vinyl reissue of Downward Is Heavenward.