Hollerado Just Got Their First Gold Record

Their 2010 single "Juliette" has been certified

Photo: Lindsay Duncan

BY Alex HudsonPublished Oct 12, 2022

Hollerado parted ways in 2019 — and now, three years later, the group have just gotten their first Gold record thanks to the 2010 single "Juliette."

The band announced the news on Instagram, as part of a post advocating for their former band accountant Tony Yacowar, who is currently running for city council in Victoria, BC. They wrote, "We just got our first Gold record! It only took 12 years, but 'Juliette' is officially gold certified. Going to pick up the cheesy framed gold records for our moms right now."

The band haven't been pushing "Juliette," or anything else for that matter — today's Instagram post was their first since the spring, when they promoted frontman Menno Versteeg's supergroup Anyway Gang. It appears that "Juliette" simply went Gold thanks to a steady trickle of sales and streams over the years.

Gold certification in Canada indicates 40,000 units sold; 150 streams count as a single unit.

"Juliette" comes from the band's debut album, 2010's Record in a Bag. Revisit the song below.

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