Hercules and Love Affair Ready DJ-Kicks Compilation

BY Josiah HughesPublished Aug 30, 2012

The long-running, star-studded DJ-Kicks series has seen artists from Hot Chip to Four Tet to Chromeo compile their favourite cuts into exclusive mixes. Now, the series will be graced with an appearance from electronic pop powerhouse Hercules and Love Affair.

According to a press release, the tracks demonstrate influences on band leader Andy Butler, spanning "from proto house, through New York's golden years in the '90s, to Chicago jack tracks and modern takes on house music's halcyon days."

In addition, the mix includes previously unreleased music from Hercules and Love Affair, along with the band Haze Factory.

The new Hercules contribution is a track called "Release Me." Butler explains, "It features this L.A. DJ called Whitney Fierce singing. Great name. She has a Bananarama thing going on with her voice. I decided to do something akin to that early '90s mash-up thing. We pulled out old gear, early samplers, so we could get that low bit rate quality. It has that really rough sound. It's very authentic of the period, kind of Stock Aitken Waterman production meets the Hacienda."

The mix will be available on October 29 via !K7. The tracklisting is available below.

Thanks to Pitchfork for the tip.

Hercules and Love Affair DJ-Kicks:

1. Mankind: "Don't Keep Me Waiting"
2. Rhythm Mode:D: "Can You Feel It (Reach to the Top)"
3. Hercules and Love Affair: "Release Me" *
4. Fax Yourself: "Strut Your Techno Stuff"
5. Klubb Kidz: "Don't Want to Hurt You (Skool Flava Dub)"
6. Solution: "Feels So Right"
7. DJ Duke Presents Freedom: "Love Don't Come Easy (Power Dub)"
8. Cloud 9: "Do You Want Me"
9. Mark Imperial: "The Acieed That Ate New York"
10. In Flagranti: "Magojiro"
11. Haze Factory: "A Bit of Redemption" *
12. Fierce Ruling Diva: "Allemaal, Allemaal!"
13. Jump Chico Slamm: "Feel Free"
14. Z.A.M.: "Africa Freedom (Johannesburg Dub Mix)"

* previously unreleased

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