Heat 'Heat' (EP stream)

Heat 'Heat' (EP stream)
Those with a penchant for six-strings will want to check out Heat, a Montreal rock band that boasts three guitar players in its lineup. Their self-titled EP will be out on June 7, and it's available to stream now at Exclaim.ca.

The five-song collection was recorded with Adrian Popovich (Sam Roberts, the Dears) at Mountain City Studio, with sonic touchstones including the Jesus & Mary Chain, Echo & the Bunnymen and the Strokes. Punchy songs like "Susisfine" and "Ritual" feature waves of guitars and ultra-deep crooning with Lou Reed-style inflection.

A press release offers this artful description of Heat: "The sound of Heat is the sound of confusion. Tuneful but tone-deaf; beat-down and blown out of proportion. It's a neat scotch and a mess of a life. You can find it scrawled on bathroom walls, hastily jotted down on cocktail napkins, deleted from your browsing history, lacing your designer drugs. It's a couple bedroom demos turned into a Montreal five-piece rock band, Now here's the sixty-four thousand dollar question: 'Do you remember rock'n'roll radio?'"

Hear it below.

Heat will also be playing Toronto's NXNE fest on June 21 with Seoul and Diamond Bones.