Hate Eternal "The Stygian Deep"

Hate Eternal 'The Stygian Deep'
Death metal vets Hate Eternal are teasing us with yet another scorched-earth preview from their forthcoming Infernus full-length. Get ready to be obliterated by the blast-heavy, melancholy masterpiece they call "The Stygian Deep."

Considering the song title alludes to a trip down the good ol' river Styx, we shouldn't expect things to go as smoothly as a boat ride through the Tunnel of Love. Following some murky six-stringing from leader Erik Rutan, Chason Westmoreland capsizes whatever stillness existed in the intro with a rippling wave of snare blasts.

Your trip to Hades is also scored by Hate Eternal's demon dog barking, and a back-half that juxtaposes those fiery beats with a hypnotizing wash of guitar noise.

As previously reported, Infernus sets the world ablaze August 21 via Season of Mist.