Harry Styles Hit in the Eye by Unidentified Flying Object During Concert

No, not that kind

Photo: Leticia Moraes

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Jul 10, 2023

The curse of somehow now near-daily occurrences of performing artists getting shit thrown at them during their concerts has once again set its sights on Harry Styles, who was having chicken nuggets, Skittles and water bottles thrown at him long before the trend that followed the inciting phone to Bebe Rexha's face.

The former One Directioner — and future Super Bowl Half Time performer? — was performing at the Ernst Happel Stadium in Vienna, Austria, on Saturday (July 8), when he was pelted in the face with a different kind of unidentified flying object. (Sorry to disappoint, Tom DeLonge.)

Fan footage sees the pop star wincing upon impact and holding the affected area, which appears to be his left eye. This is very reminiscent of Ava Max's cornea getting scratched by a stage invader, as well as Kelsea Ballerini's projectile friendship bracelet and the alarming rise in concertgoers, as the sage Adele put it, "forgetting fucking show etiquette at the moment."
Nobody should have to keep saying this, but musicians are in fact people, and their presence on a stage doesn't grant you permission to lob whatever random trinkets you want at them, even if you think it would be funny. They're trying to work, and their work involves making themselves vulnerable in front of a lot of people. It's deeply uncool to take advantage of that.

Styles has yet to comment on the incident.

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