Known Vegetarian Harry Styles Pelted with Chicken Nuggets at New York Concert

He doesn't enjoy delicacies of the pink goo variety

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Aug 30, 2022

While we don't understand why it's suddenly in vogue to throw weird objects at musicians at concerts (Toronto is still sorry, Lady Gaga), it has happened yet again. This time, known vegetarian Harry Styles fell victim to not one, but multiple chicken nuggets being hurled onstage at him. 

The incident, which took place during Styles' New York residency at Madison Square Garden, was captured in footage posted to Twitter (seen below).

"Very interesting, very interesting approach," Styles says in the clip, sporting a big smile and holding the poultry projectile. "Who threw the chicken nugget?"

As the crowd starts chanting "Eat it! Eat it!" Styles reminds concert-goers that even if it weren't extremely unsanitary, he doesn't enjoy delicacies of the pink slime variety: "I don't eat chicken, sorry! I don't eat meat!" After picking up the second nugget from the ground, he states the obvious: "This is cold, and I'm assuming very old." 

In the typical Styles charm, he does offer to give the culprit their nugget back, though he offered some cautionary advice. "Don't eat it. Now it's on the floor. Don't go looking for it. We'll get you another nugget, okay? Fear not, fear not."

At least it wasn't a Morrissey show, or he might've just stopped the concert mid-way through.

Styles' residency at Madison Square Garden runs until September 21. 

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