Harry Styles Pelted with Skittles Onstage in Los Angeles

Yeet the rainbow?

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Nov 16, 2022

Some Harry Styles fans still haven't gotten the memo that it's not safe to throw stuff at musicians while they're performing. Since embarking on his current North American tour, the pop star has been pelted with chicken nuggets and sacked by a water bottle, and recently, some Harrie was convinced he needed to taste the rainbow.

As he was preparing to perform "Kiwi" at his Inglewood, CA, stop yesterday (November 15), Styles was unceremoniously hit in the eye with a Skittle. Multiple videos of the incident show him flinching in pain, with one Twitter user saying he kept the affected eye closed while performing the aforementioned song.

As per Stereogum's reporting, Styles's musical director Pauli Lovejoy confirmed it was a Skittle that hit him in a since-deleted Instagram story. Even though the company really shouldn't have had to do this, Skittles took to social media to condemn throwing candy at people following the incident. "Didn't think I needed to say this: Please don't throw Skittles," the brand tweeted.

Styles isn't the only target of poor concert etiquette as of late; both Lady Gaga and Steve Lacy have had random objects hurled at them this year. The latter issued a statement telling people not to throw things at him following the incident at his show, which ended with him breaking a fan's camera and storming off stage.

As touring has become precarious and unsustainable, even for bigger artists, people who choose to throw stuff at musicians need to do better. 

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