Harry Styles Hit in the Balls with a Water Bottle at Chicago Show

What a nutty situation

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Oct 18, 2022

A new running theme at Harry Styles shows is that people get so overwhelmed by cute aggression that they throw stuff at him. Though he's been pelted with chicken nuggets before, this time, another type of meat was affected.

Performing at Chicago's United Center a few days ago, the pop star was asking the crowd about the weather before getting hit in the nuts with a water bottle. Reacting with his usual charm, he bent over while slightly laughing, only saying, "That's unfortunate."

Throwing items at performing musicians has basically become its own pandemic since the return to live music. Canadians are guilty of it too; Lady Gaga got hit with a doll at her Toronto show this summer. Perhaps a lesson or two on concert etiquette is in order for those yeeting random items at their favourite musicians as a form of affection. 

Watch a video of the nut-hitting incident below. 

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