Guided by Voices

Warp and Woof

BY Sophie BrzozowskiPublished Apr 23, 2019

For most artists, releasing a 24-track album just three months after the drop of the previous LP would be a heroic feat — but then again, what's another couple dozen songs after you've written hundreds? Warp and Woof, Guided by Voices' 27th album, is a lively and zealous romp that stays true to the band's long-established sound. Despite celebrating his 61st birthday last year, Woof, proves yet again that frontman Robert Pollard is positively indefatigable.
Though the album boasts an ample tracklist, Warp and Woof comes in at just 37 minutes, with most songs lasting no longer than a minute-and-a-half. "Photo Range Within," a breezy and decidedly upbeat number, lasts a mere 75 seconds. The brevity, combined with its italicized, frantic cheer, lend the track the distinctly commercial quality of a well-written jingle.
Pollard races through each song with all the gusto of the late '90s. His enthusiasm, though charming as ever, falls just shy of justifying what often feels like a collection of chaotic, unfinished demos.
Though his last two releases have left much to be desired, Pollard remains a bastion of his trade and one of the founding grandfathers of Midwest jangle pop. Long may he live, produce, and shred.

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