Grimes "California" (video)

Grimes 'California' (video)
Fresh after wowing audiences with her performance on The Tonight Show, Grimes teased another video for a track off of last year's excellent LP Art Angels.
This time, it's "California" that's been matched with some stunning video accompaniment. The clip was directed by Grimes (a.k.a. Claire Boucher) and her brother Mac Boucher, and it captures the singer performing in an array of colourful locales and surrealist settings. The worlds of rhythmic gymnastics, pottery and performing as a bedazzled cowboy all collide to create a realm that is unique to Grimes.

The track we hear, meanwhile, has been revamped from the album version, sounding sparser, mellowed out and a bit more like it belongs in a videogame. Watch it get paired with the eccentric new clip in the player below.