Good Charlotte "Life Changes"

Good Charlotte 'Life Changes'
It's time once again to engage in some subtle anarchy — perhaps you should lean back in your chair a little too far, eat candy for lunch or call your parents and tell them to "eff off." After all, lite punk maestros Good Charlotte are back with another anthem.

Their latest three-minute banger is called "Life Changes," which we can only assume is a song about puberty written by men in their late 30s.

Either way, it's a fairly delightful little pop-punk number built on a single jangly guitar chord. Eventually, the octave leads kick in, the song speeds up and we all start circle pitting at home while we think about how stupid it is that we have to clean our bedrooms.

Thanks to its fist-pumping, half-tempo chorus, "Life Changes" is a genuinely great punk song. It's got us even more hyped on GC's upcoming Youth Authority record. Soon it will be safe for the punks to proudly walk the mall once again.

Listen to "Life Changes" below.

Youth Authority arrives July 15 via MDDN, and you can pre-order it here.