Gianna Lauren Readies 'On Personhood' EP

Gianna Lauren Readies 'On Personhood' EP
Following 2010's Some Move Closer, Some Move On, Halifax-based songwriter Gianna Lauren is back with another collection for Forward Music Group. Her six-song EP On Personhood is out on April 2.

The songs were captured live off the floor at a 19th century horse stable-turned-studio in Ontario called House of Miracles. It was engineered by Andy Magoffin (Constantines, Shad, the Hidden Cameras, Great Lake Swimmers) with sessions taking place over five days in June 2012. For the recording process, Lauren formed a band featuring J.J. Ipsen (J.J. Ipsen and the Paper Crown), Marshall Bureau (Octoberman, the Pinecones), and Justin Nace.

"Something about these six songs said 'Ontario' to me," Lauren said in a statement. "I have been following Andy Magoffin's work for the past decade. He has an incredible ear. As soon as I saw photos of the new studio and heard J.J. was helping out there, it all came together pretty naturally."

According to a press release, "On Personhood webs a variety of silky and edgy textures to Lauren's fragile vocal confidence. Warm guitar tones, brooding melodies and remarkable tenor are the cornerstones of Lauren's sound."

For a taste of this sound, scroll past the tracklist listen to the atmosphere-kissed "Trouble" below.

On Personhood:

1. Trouble

2. Ghosts

3. Thread

4. Bitches Brew

5. Anchor Down

6. Power Failure