Get the Message

BY Erica LeducPublished Dec 1, 2004

This is a loud band who seem to have influences rooted in hardcore, yet the vocals almost sound influenced by glam. Their sound is eerily familiar, but not completely derivative, it’s almost like early ’70s punk. A sort of we-don’t-care attitude is purveyed, but delivered with the kind of intensity that makes you think that just maybe they do. This is almost a respectable cacophony of sound. Many rock bands sound similar, but the vocals have that high pitched, nasally punk sound. Yet, I would be hard pressed to label them a punk band; they have too many influences pulled in for that. They do have the requisite two-minute songs though. While many long songs have so many elements that it would seem unthinkable to shorten them, it is a little exciting to be satisfied in such a short time.

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