The Fresh & Onlys "Presence of Mind" (video)

The Fresh & Onlys 'Presence of Mind' (video)
The Fresh & Onlys will probably travel around in a tour van when they make their way around North America this fall in support of their upcoming Long Slow Dance LP. The second video for their jangly pop cut "Presence of Mind" makes a good case for hitting up public transit at some point on the trek.

While we were treated to a cascade of kaleidoscopic visuals the first time around, this modified clip features a beleaguered bus driver coping with some zany riders, most notably a blood-barfing vampire and his most recent victim. The video contemplates quantum physics and finds the driver tossing his vehicle into interstellar overdrive, hitting a worm hole back to the previous day. This apparently bodes well for everyone but the bloodsucker.

You can see the scene unravel in the video down below.

As previously reported, Long Slow Dance drops Tuesday (September 4) via Mexican Summer.