For Your Consideration: T-Pain as a Peloton Instructor

"You've never seen peak physical form; this is what it looks like"

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Aug 23, 2022

He's T-Pain, y'all know him — but did you know that the AutoTune virtuoso was also into fitness? Of course you did, you've heard "Booty Wurk."

However, the wholesome hip-hopper is also a fan of the (fictional) deathtrap — which managed to do murder on the Sex and the City reboot — that is the Peloton stationary bike and the high-end at-home athletic company at large, which wholly redeemed itself with its latest Christopher Meloni-starring ad.

Peloton is continuing to do some excellent PR by having T-Pain crash one of its in-studio cycling classes in New York, and sharing the footage for us to enjoy. Instructor Camila Ramón welcomes the musician, who repeats, "Alright, Peloton!" and "Crank it up!" for good measure. He then switches gears to join Jess Sims's strength class, where he shows off his physique. "You've never seen peak physical form; this is what it looks like. Take it in," he said, donning his finest '80s brights and fanny pack.

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Guest-starring was clearly not enough; T-Pain proceeded to post a video of himself auditioning to be an instructor.

"Alright Peloton, let's go," he effused, before getting personal with his imaginary class. "Let's do this. James, what the fuck? Pick it up, buddy. Pick it up. You're letting Carol beat ya. Look at that output. Terrible! Terrible!"

Poor James can't catch a break. The artist does give him some pointers on form, though, letting him know to grip the bike "right on the tip." "That's what she said, Cathy," he laughed, before going back into drill sergeant-mode: "James, pick it the fuck up!"

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Though he spouts claims with the certainty of permanence in the TikTok below, whether T-Pain joins Peloton's roster of instructors full-time is yet to be seen. He certainly has the name for it?
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