¡FLIST! "Purify Your Soul" (live)

¡FLIST! 'Purify Your Soul' (live)
¡FLIST!'s recent debut album Fuck You Im Dead was years in the making, and Montreal musician Charlie Twitch and his collaborators celebrated the long-awaited release with a show at their home city's Société des Arts Technologiques on November 14. Now, we've got a live video from that event.

This performance clip of "Purify Your Soul" shows the band locking into a darkly quirky, insistent, jazz-flecked groove. At the front of it all, Twitch gyrates and yelps as if in a trance.

It was filmed by Kaja Levy and Robby Reis. While some of the visuals at the beginning are retro in their VHS-quality graininess, the performance itself looks crisp. Watch it below.

Fuck You Im Dead is out now on Art Not Love Records.