Final Cut

Deep Into The Cut

BY Pierre John FelcenlobenPublished Feb 10, 2016

Squeezed somewhere between the endless Detroit residencies and the BBC Essential Mixes is a facet of Jeff Mills' career that's often neglected. His collaborative project with early industrial stalwart Anthony "Asrock" Srock, known as Final Cut, might have been lost amidst a richly productive period of Mills' career, but the people from We Can Elude Control have issued their debut record on a double vinyl for the first time ever.
Deep Into The Cut carves a subterranean trail of industrial techno with the vigour we'd expect from this creative marriage. "She Destroys," the album's opener, displays a rare melodic structure dotted with machine gun hi-toms and apocalyptic chord progressions, all stunningly crowned by ghostly whispering vocals. "Burn Baby Burn" typifies the record's sinister complexion in texture as well as its savage vocals and demonic laughter, and it's amplified by acidic synth keys and a rhythmic clangour reminiscent of soldiers marching into battle.
It isn't all doom and gloom, though. Tracks like "Now That's Funky" offer a more playful bounce, while "Temptation" will send sweat beads running down your back and leave you nostalgic for some of those early '90s Detroit warehouse parties. If that doesn't conjure a sense of audible techno realism, the album's splendid mixing will.
(We Can Elude Control)

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