Falling in Reverse "God, If You Are Above..."

Falling in Reverse 'God, If You Are Above...'
Las Vegas crew Falling in Reverse offered up a head-scratching sampling of rap and EDM textures on last year's Fashionably Late, but Ronnie Radke and the rest of the band appear to be playing it straight on their new single "God, If You Are Above..."

The amp-dialling number chooses to home in on minor key melodies, for the most part, with Radke crooning about looking to the Almighty for a few answers. It's not all pop, though, with a few pavement-pounding mosh beats, anguished screams and fretboard-torching scale runs jamming themselves into the arrangement mid-song.

It's a whole hell of a lot humbler than Radke rhyming about being a "white boy on the beat rocking Gucci sneaks," and you can find the track down below. "God, If You Are Above..." is currently up for sale as a digital download.