Falling in Reverse "Bad Girls Club" (video)

Falling in Reverse 'Bad Girls Club' (video)
It used to be that pop-tinged Las Vegas metal crew Falling in Reverse spent their time singing about "Good Girls, Bad Guys," but vocalist Ronnie Radke explains that his fortunes have, well, fallen in reverse in the band's Fashionably Late single "Bad Girls Club." You can see him complain about it all in the group's new, occasionally kaiju-assisted video.

Along the way, we get sugary synth hooks slopped atop the band's attempt at pop punk, Radke's whining about a "fucking crazy" flame-gone-Twitter stalker, and a ridiculous mid-song cheerleader chant.

Falling in Reverse, meanwhile, are flanked by two separate crews of apparently possessive Bad Girls Clubs, just dying to sledgehammer them into submission. There's a slappy battle over the band to suffer through too. If this is your kind of thing, you'll find it down below.