Falling in Reverse

"Good Girls Bad Guys" (video)

> > Jun 18 2012

Falling in Reverse - "Good Girls Bad Guys" (video)
By Gregory AdamsFalling In Reverse singer/former jailbird Ronnie Radke ponders the old quagmire of good girls falling for bad guys in the video for his group's latest pop-rocking single called, well, "Good Girls Bad Guys."

The clip starts off as an homage to '90s comedy Friday, with Radke and a couple buds plotting out their weekend party plans. The movie's Deebo (aka actor Tom Lister) even pops by to shake down the dudes for their finery.

Once the tune starts up, Radke belts out his cock rock anthem into a suspiciously veiny pink phallus as partygoers pull up in low riders, dance, lift weights and char some vittles on the grill.

You can watch Radke make his case as to why the ladies apparently love him in the clip down below.

Falling in Reverse will be travelling around North America this summer with the Warped Tour, and you can see all the band's dates here.

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