Ex-Slayer Drummer Dave Lombardo to Join Misfits Reunion?

Ex-Slayer Drummer Dave Lombardo to Join Misfits Reunion?
Earlier this year, the Misfits shocked us all by announcing that estranged vocalist/beefcake Glenn Danzig and bassist Jerry Only had patched up old wounds and would be reuniting. At the time, we already knew that longtime guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein would be taking part in the "Original Misfits" reunion, but we've yet to learn who will be sitting behind the kit for the dates. Now, if you want to believe Internet rumours, that drummer will be none other than former Slayer figure Dave Lombardo.

The rumours initially popped up back in May when the Misfits announced their reunion. But while those were strictly on the forums, Blabbermouth is now stoking those flames by reporting that Lombardo is indeed drumming for the group at their Riot Fest shows.

However, Blabbermouth has provided zero info on where they are getting these rumours or if they are even true, so you might not want to get your hopes up (or down) just yet.

That said, it is worth pointing out that Lombardo's new project, Dead Cross, did recently axe their spot on September 24 at Ozzfest Meets Knotfest, with the band stating: "Due to some very exciting developments with Dead Cross, we will unfortunately be unable to perform at this years Ozzfest Meets Knotfest. A huge thank you to Ozzfest for the invitation!! Big Dead Cross news coming soon!!"

As previously reported, the Misfits — with or without Lombardo — are set to play the Denver Riot Fest, which runs September 2 to 4, and the Chicago edition, which takes place September 16 to 18.