Watch a Conservative Morning Show Get Duped by the Ultimate Punk Rock Prank Call

"New Found Glory to you guys"

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Nov 24, 2021

Conservatives' attempts to engage with popular culture regularly lead to truly ridiculous results, and the latest making the rounds finds a New Hampshire AM talk radio crew completely out of their depth when dealing with a punk rock prank caller.

Visual artist Rob Dobi has shared a clip of himself calling in to Life with Liz, a program aired on WSMN 1590 in Nashua, NH, with the singular goal of naming "as many punk bands as I could before they caught on."

Dobi calls into the show as "Bill," who shares that he is "a Republican in a fairly Liberal area." In character, he convincingly outlines his right-wing grievances, with references to over 15 different bands from across punk history cleverly worked in.

"Sometimes I feel like everyone is just... like, against me," he shares. "I feel like what we need to do is listen to what our descendants told us. In the past, we refused to live a life of agony. I'm sick of it all. I'm sick of people thinking we're just a minor threat. Enough of that fugazi."

Dobi didn't stop there. "A lot of these people, they've just got bad brains, they're misfits who wave black flags β€” they're practically anti-flags. I think we need to converge and help the youth of today. Every time you blink, 182 kids... go missing. I don't think we should be exploited anymore. Rise against, or they're gonna have to deal with the fallout, boy."

Liz Gabert and her co-hosts agreed, and before Dobi hung up, he shared that he was on his way to catch some "real big fish." Gabert asks in earnest, "Are you going to eat that really big fish for your Thanksgiving dinner?", to which Dobi replies, "Well, not if it tastes rancid."

Really, his final sign-off is the cherry on top: "New Found Glory to you guys."

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