​Evening Hymns' Jonas Bonnetta Announces 'All This Here' Ambient Album

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Mar 19, 2018

Jonas Bonnetta is best known for releasing music as Evening Hymns, but the Ontario singer-songwriter is branching out into the realm of ambient music with a new solo album dubbed All This Here. It's due out April 27 via Idea of North Recordings.
The record started out as the score to documentary Strange and Familiar: Architecture on Fogo Island, based on the construction of an inn and a series of artist studios on the Newfoundland island.
"It still feels like a dream project to me," Bonnetta said in a statement. "Getting these images from the filmmakers and being totally free as far as music goes. I'd put the landscape footage on loop and just play with sounds in my studio, trying to match the pace of that place. I wanted the music to float. There was so much water footage in the film and I really wanted to have some connection to that."
The music itself pairs instrumentation (including strings by Anne Müller and Mika Posen) with field recordings that were captured between Fogo and Bonnetta's home studio in the Ontario countryside.
The first audio sample from All This Here arrives as "Little Seldom," a song that takes its name from a town on Fogo Island and incorporates elements of traditional Newfoundland fiddle music.
Scroll past the complete tracklisting for All This Here to give it a listen.
Bonnetta will debut the material live at a record release show in Toronto on May 27 at the Drake.
All This Here:
1. Seldom
2. Deep Bay
3. Interlude I
4. Little Seldom
5. Interlude II
6. Fogo
7. Tilting
8. Island Harbour
9. Tilting (Evening)
10. Interlude III
11. Stag Harbour
12. Interlude IV
13. Little Fogo
14. Interlude V
15. Joe Batt's Arm
16. Fogo (Evening)

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