Evening Hymns Returns with New Song "I Can Only Be Good"

The Ontario project's 'Heavy Nights' album arrives this summer

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Apr 10, 2020

Nearly five years on from channelling Quiet Energies on his third album as Evening Hymns, Jonas Bonnetta has returned with a new song.

"I Can Only Be Good" arrives today through Bonnetta's own Shuffling Feet Records and features saxophone from Joseph Shabason.

Recorded and self-produced at Bonnetta's Port William Sound studio in rural Ontario, the single lands ahead of the fourth Evening Hymns album, called Heavy Nights, which is set to arrive this summer.

As Bonnetta recalled in a press release, "I Can Only Be Good" was one of the first songs tracked for the LP, "and it kind of set the tone for how I wanted the album to sound/feel. Late night, smokey, woozy. Recorded live off the floor with Rhodes piano and drums. Joseph Shabason plays the sax. Low red lights in the studio. The conflict of risking it all for love."

Of the heartbreak lyrics, Bonnetta admitted, "It was difficult to write this while in a relationship. I was writing from the perspective of someone falling out of love and with the end in sight. Knowing that was going to come and that I'd have to deal with this intense destruction of all of these comforts and shared dreams that I'd known for years. Looking around and something just not feeling right even though it should have. A long list of all the reasons one should/shouldn't fall in love."

In 2018, Bonnetta released ambient album All This Here under his given name.

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