Ethel Cain Shares New Song "من النهر," Dedicated to "Every Palestinian Man, Woman and Child"

The title translates to "From the River"

Photo: Sam Leviton

BY Kaelen BellPublished Feb 14, 2024

Ethel Cain has shared “من النهر” (“From the River”), a nine-minute piano ballad dedicated to the people of Palestine.

In an Instagram post, Cain wrote:

30,000 Palestinians have been killed under Israel’s occupation since October 2023 and countless thousands more since the occupation began 75 years ago. Over a third of them were children. While millions of Americans watched the Super Bowl, our government funded the assault on Rafah, which was supposed to be the last refuge for Palestinians in Gaza.

The United States government is complicit in a genocide, which is certainly nothing new for us as a country. There is no way to spin this that doesn’t make this a crime against humanity. The least we can do as individuals is exactly what Palestinians have asked of us; that we not turn a blind eye, and remember exactly what has happened and continues to happen to the people of Palestine. This song is meant as a prayer for them. God be with every Palestinian man, woman, and child.

You can listen to “من النهر” and read Cain’s statement below.


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