Erase Errata "History of Handclaps" (video)

Erase Errata 'History of Handclaps' (video)
What is the history of the clap? It's a question San Francisco no wave party posse Erase Errata poses on their Lost Weekend number "History of Handclaps", and they're still trying to solve the mystery in a new video.

We're not sure how much headway the trio actually make, but the clip supporting their lock-groove single finds them presenting a colourful array of experiments. This includes wrapping up vocalist Jenny Hoyston in colourful streamers, to sticking sparklers into metronomes, to stirring up a salad of elastic bands.

Who the hell really knows how this all relates to handclaps specifically, but there seems to be some all-for-one hand slapping by the end of director Lauryn Siegel's video.

A statement from Siegel explains: "The video is a madcap homage to Fluxus performance events such as Yoko Ono's famous cut piece, No Wave-era zero budget films and the tension of minimalism and maximalism intermingling in our product saturated digital lives. It speaks to where the band has been as proto post-punk pioneers who were influenced by the true analog greats of the 70s, 80s and 90s, but also where they are going as modern women working, having kids and continuing to make music in an age in which we must all fight for attention. Most of all it's a commitment to the notion that rock music is ultimately about FUN."