Emmett Morris Kicks Up Dust on Country Rock EP 'Emerald'

Hear the new four-song collection from the songwriter from Barrie, ON

BY Nika Petrosian Published Dec 1, 2023

Barrie-based country rock musician Emmett Morris has just released his EP Emerald, a four-track project recorded at Toronto's Gold Standard Recorders.

The EP was engineered and produced by Aaron Goldstein, mixed by Kenneth Roy Meehan, and mastered by Kristian Montano.

Emerald is country rock at its finest — jangly, earnest and free-spirited. Opening track "Take You Down to Vegas," in particular, is hopeful and freewheeling, with harmonies and pedal steel guitars reminiscent of the early works of Gram Parsons.

Listen to the new EP below.

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