Edan Primitive Plus

"I've got it all, the complete package," brags multi-talented rapper/producer DJ Edan one song into his debut album Primitive Plus, issuing the challenge: "You wanna battle, we need to take it to the triathalon." Although he wouldn't be the only one in attendance (names like Buck 65, J-Live, J-Zone, Sixtoo and Gordski come quickly to mind as competent contestants), the "One Man Arsenal" would give a good showing in all three categories. Except for a couple of guest appearances (Mr Lif and Father Time) and the beat for "Key-Bored," all of the scratches, production and rhymes are done by Edan. The result is an album that embraces the late '80s/early '90s of hip-hop, with old school beats and battle rhymes (the Primitive), while at the same time shaking hands with new school lyricism and space age effects (the Plus). But make no mistake, it's more Ultramagnetic MC's than Dr Octagon, as if the Kool Keith homage "Ultra '88 (Tribute)" isn't warning enough. Maybe it was the samples and cuts, but Primitive Plus kept bringing back thoughts of Schooly D, Ultra, JVC Force, Rakim, the Juice Crew and a host of others I haven't played in a while, and should. From opener "'83 Wildin" to "hard to find" single "Sing It, Shitface" and the bonus cut that follows, Primitive Plus has a hard banging flow that is only occasionally interrupted, painfully reversed at two different spots: the punch line heavy but boring "Emcees Smoke Crack" and the cheesy concept song "Run That Shit!" It's also annoying that a couple of tracks abruptly cut off. However, for those rainy days when you're feeling the old school hip-hop woes, Edan's Primitive Plus is "Rapperfection." And to think the creator is only 21 years old. (Lewis)