"Franks Kaktus" (video)

BY Alex HudsonPublished Aug 18, 2015

With Swedish psych purveyors Dungen gearing up for their album Allas Sak, the guys are getting dressed up in their finest duds and performing for the cable access variety show Café Franks Kaktus.

Okay, so there isn't actually actually a show called Café Franks Kaktus. Rather, the band's new music video for "Franks Kaktus" depicts an apperance on this corny, fictitious show. The band wear some shamelessly dorky clothes and play their flute-filled instrumental psych jam, and we also see meat-cutting, balloon-based crafts, and lots of dated-looking post-production effects.

The clip was directed by Jenny Palén. Watch it below.

Allas Sak will be out on September 25 through Mexican Summer/Smalltown Supersound.

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