Ducktails Flies Solo for Home-Recorded 'Wish Hotel' EP

Ducktails Flies Solo for Home-Recorded 'Wish Hotel' EP
Real Estate guitarist Matt Mondanile had been venturing in a more band-oriented direction with his Ducktails project, but he is returning to his DIY ways with his latest EP. Wish Hotel is out on October 22 through Domino.

These five cuts were recorded by Mondanile at his home in Ridgewood, NJ. He handled all of the instrumentation himself before handing off the tracks to Al Carson for mixing.

According to a press release, "This EP finds Mondanile returning back to the blown-out guitar and synthesizer work of his past releases."

This marks a departure from this year's The Flower Lane, which was recorded in a studio and featured input from a number of collaborators.

Wish Hotel is available to pre-order in a very limited run of 100 translucent 12-inch vinyl records. It's also being released digitally through iTunes.

That's the tracklist below and the album cover above. Scroll past the tracklist to stream the supremely hazy "Honey Tiger Eyes."

Wish Hotel:

1. Tie-Dye

2. Honey Tiger Eyes

3. Wish Hotel

4. Jazz

5. Naïve Music