​Julia Holter Details "Emotionally Abusive" Relationship with Real Estate's Matt Mondanile

​Julia Holter Details 'Emotionally Abusive' Relationship with Real Estate's Matt Mondanile
Earlier this month, several women shared personal accounts alleging sexual misconduct by former Real Estate guitarist Matt Mondanile, and his ex-bandmates confirmed that the reason he was fired from the group was related to his "unacceptable treatment of women." Now, musician and Mondanile's ex-girlfriend Julia Holter has spoken up to share her own disturbing experience.
In a message posted to Facebook, Holter lent her support to the women who have already come forward, saying that the allegations "are in line with what I came to know about Matt."

She goes on to say that "he does not have boundaries," and claims that "he was emotionally abusive" to a point where she feared for her life and sought legal intervention.
Holter continues, saying that she's been candid with her experiences to friends, loved ones and professional acquaintances "because I believed this transparency was important." She also admits she was unaware of the other women's accounts of abuse until this past week.
Holter closes her message by expressing how Mondanile's behaviour made her feel "alone" and "confused," but once again praised the strength of the women who have already spoken out.
"When you're in it, you question your own reality and you wonder if you are making things up or you are making a big deal out of nothing," she writes. "It helps when others come forward to validate the fact that you weren't wrong."
Read Holter's full message below.

As previously reported, Mondanile has responded to the allegations in a statement via lawyers in which he stated: "I've been an insensitive creep and again I apologize to everyone and anyone who was affected by this."