D.R.A.M. "$" (ft. Donnie Trumpet)

D.R.A.M. '$' (ft. Donnie Trumpet)
Virginia rapper D.R.A.M. is currently out on the road as part of Chance the Rapper's "Family Matters Tour," but he's also been hanging out with the SoX crew in the studio. Pulled from the dude's upcoming Gahdamn! EP is a track called "$" that find him jamming with Donnie Trumpet.

D.R.A.M. delivers a half-sung, triplet flow about early a.m.'s, life choices, fellatio, euphoria, and what motivates one to get off their ass and get money. "What the fuck is my purpose," he muses at one point, trying his best to figure his next course of action.

Trumpet, as you may imagine, throws some brass above the swervy beat, which he helped put together with Gabe Niles, Nate Fox, and Peter CottonTale.

You can hear "$" below, while the rest of Gahdamn! drops next Friday (October 23) via Atlantic.