DOOM and Masta Ace Team Up for New Collaborative Album

DOOM and Masta Ace Team Up for New Collaborative Album
The big news on the DOOM front earlier this year was that the metal-faced villain is finally ready to release DOOMSTARKS, his long-incubating collaboration with Ghostface Killah. It turns out that isn't the only tag-team project the man born Daniel Dumile has in store for us, though, as it's been revealed that he's just finished working on another album with classic New York MC Masta Ace.

A series of tweets from Masta Ace explain that the two have wrapped sessions for their MA DOOM: Son of Yvonne. The pair had premiered a track called "PBS" back in May, but the tune featured an ages-old, Sesame Street-indebted beat originally used on DOOM's 2004 set Mm.. Food. Hopefully they've got some fresher hooks for us.

"Finally handed in MA_DOOM:Son of Yvonne album! FINALLY!!! Damn!!! Took 4ever to get things finalized. #hurryupandwaitmode," Masta Ace posted.

With no tracklisting or song samples are available at present, it's hard to say how the project turned out, but it appears as if DOOM only worked as a producer on the record. Though it seems as if Masta Ace did try to get the Cosby sweater-sporting spitter to drop a few verses.

"Fyi never got that DOOM verse unfortunately but still very happy wit it," Masta Ace wrote. "Getting him on the album woulda been icing but the cake still good."

Masta Ace went on to add that pre-order info for Son of Yvonne will be up soon, as well as some details on an upcoming tenth anniversary reissue of his 2001 disc, Disposable Arts.

UPDATE: Masta Ace has revealed that we can expect the album in November and that the beats on MA DOOM: Son of Yvonne are from MF DOOM's Special Herbs series, which was released between 2001 and 2005.

Thanks to Hip Hop DX for the tip.